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First Piaggio Avanti sold by OrionFLY in India

OrionFLY, in close collaboration with Boutsen Aviation, the famous aviation brokerage company based in Monaco and founded by the former F1 driver Thierry Boutsen, have finalized the sale of a pre-owned Piaggio Avanti II to an Indian charter operator based in Hyderabad.  The aircraft was originally manufactured by Piaggio in 2014 and previously owned by a Belgian corporate company. This Avanti is extremely well equipped and features a number of avionic options including the TCAS II, CVR, FD ...
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Oyonnair's Avantis playing a vital role for Covid-19 emergency

Oyonnair and its Piaggio Avantis are playing a vital role in supporting and complementing the  Air Force and other Governement Agencies in COVID-19 relief flights in France. Four Avanti IIs operated by Oyonnair are unrestfully flying to evacuate COVID-19 patients from the congested hospitals in the major urban areas in France to more remoted regions that have been less affected by the epidemic outbreak. Oyonnair is operating in strict collaboration with the authorities and military corps ...
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The P.180 Avanti operated for Covid-19 emergency flights in France

The Oyonnair’s Piaggio reinforce the flights against the Covid-19 coronavirus. Four Piaggio Avanti IIs from the Lyon-Bron-based business aviation company Oyonnair are involved in the evacuation of patients from the Grand East Covid-19.  The turboprops are operating where the Air Force A330 Phoenix cannot be used .
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Another Piaggio Avanti EVO sold by OrionFLY

Piaggio and OrionFLY have finalized the sale and delivery of a new Piaggio Avanti EVO to Centoco Holding Corp., a group headquartered in Windsor, Ontario (Canada).  The aircraft was produced in 2018 and used by Piaggio for marketing activities and demo flights in the United States. Piaggio will still keep the option to lease-back the Avanti EVO from the new owner for its commercial needs in North America.  “I have been looking with interest at this distinctive, Italian aircraft ...
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