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First Piaggio Avanti sold by OrionFLY in India

OrionFLY, in close collaboration with Boutsen Aviation, the famous aviation brokerage company based in Monaco and founded by the former F1 driver Thierry Boutsen, have finalized the sale of a pre-owned Piaggio Avanti II to an Indian charter operator based in Hyderabad. 

The aircraft was originally manufactured by Piaggio in 2014 and previously owned by a Belgian corporate company. This Avanti is extremely well equipped and features a number of avionic options including the TCAS II, CVR, FDR and  the ADS-B Out system. It is also equipped with the 220-lts extra fuel tank, adding some 250 nm additional range to the already very confortable 1450 nm range of the Avanti II. 

 "The long-lasting close collaboration between Boutsen Aviation and OrionFLY and the 20-year old personal relationship with Thierry Boutsen and Dominique  Trinquet, Boutsen Aviation President, have been extremely important for the success  of a very complex deal" - Massimo Isidori said - ", a transaction which has been developed and finalized during the worst period of the  the COVID 19 epidemic, despite the hard difficulties affecting everybody and the severe restrictions imposed particularly to aviation. OrionFLY is extremely happy for being active part of this deal and very proud of the positive collaboration with Boutsen Aviation.  This sale marks the 21th Avanti sold to date  since we started our activities, the first sale made by OrionFLY in India and the second one in South-East Asia .”

The aircraft will be based at Hyderabad - in the southern-central India - and operated by a local  charter company mainly to cope with the corporate and VIP flight needs of this very industrially active and quickly growing area of the Indian Republic.







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