Aircraft Completion Management

"Cabin  completion  or  refurbishment is  second only  to buying  the  aircraft, in  terms  of  price  and importance."

(Kirby J. Harrison)

The increasing need for cabin interior customization, usually not included in the normal OEM’s product catalog,  requires expertise, competence and constant monitoring.

ORIONFLY is able to provide a provide a bespoke,  all-inclusive professional service for managing and supervising the completion / refurbishment activities on your business jet or helicopter.

Our team of experienced specialists will manage directly and constantly all various and complex aspects of the aircraft completion process, assisting you by managing the entire outfitting process during its development, assuring that the highest quality standards are met and avoiding costly delays: 

Used turboprop
  • Selection of completion center and design studio
  • Cabin layout and style concept definition
  • Ergonomics
  • In-Flight Entertainment System
  • Color & trim
  • Material & finishing selection
  • Completion monitoring & follow-up
  • Certification
  • Delivery

... and ..."You need an expert to make it all happen" .