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Eddie Irvine visiting Piaggio

OrionFLY had the pleasure of organizing the visit of Eddie Irvine, the Formula 1 legend and vice World Champion, at the Piaggio Aerospace facilities in Villanova d'Albenga on October 15, 2020. 

Eddie had the opportunity of visiting the new factory in Villanova where the new EVOs are built.

After the factory tour, Capt. Lorenzo Villi - Piaggio Chief Test Pilot - took him for a short but intensive ride on the EVO, pointing out all the exceptional performance and operational capabilities of the Piaggio masterpiece  . 

Eddie walked down after the flight simply enthusiastic and confirmed his astonishment for the impressive flight characteristics as well as the outstanding cabin comfort of the new Avanti EVO. 

A nice aviation day that "was very enjoyable and relaxed for everyone". 

Thank you, Eddie. 

Eddie tests the Piaggio Avanti EVO