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The P.180 fleet reaches One Million Flight Hours.

Piaggio has just announced the reach of an extremely important goal for the P.180 Avanti : One Million Flight Hours since the first Avanti flight in 1986."Piaggio Aerospace exceeds the target in a critical moment of its history and approximately 250 aircraft have contributed to such an achievement.Reaching one million flight hours is a passage which carries a symbolic meaning in the history of the company, which is again fully operational and still demonstrates it is of a great value.F ...
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Oyonnair and its Piaggio Avantis again in action for COVID-19 relief flights in France

As  a consequence of the impressive new COVID 19 outbreak impacting France, the Avanti fleet operated by Oyonnair has been again called back in operation for medevac flights. Five Oyonnair's Avantis are unrestfully flying to evacuate COVID-19 patients from the congested hospitals in the major urban areas in north-eastern France, where a high number of COVID-19 cases are concentrated, to other cities less affected by the epidemic outbreak. Since last week, the Oyonnair Avantis are transpor ...
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Eddie Irvine visiting Piaggio

OrionFLY had the pleasure of organizing the visit of Eddie Irvine, the Formula 1 legend and vice World Champion, at the Piaggio Aerospace facilities in Villanova d'Albenga on October 15, 2020.  Eddie had the opportunity of visiting the new factory in Villanova where the new EVOs are built. After the factory tour, Capt. Lorenzo Villi - Piaggio Chief Test Pilot - took him for a short but intensive ride on the EVO, pointing out all the exceptional performance and operational capabi ...
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First Piaggio Avanti sold by OrionFLY in India

OrionFLY, in close collaboration with Boutsen Aviation, the famous aviation brokerage company based in Monaco and founded by the former F1 driver Thierry Boutsen, have finalized the sale of a pre-owned Piaggio Avanti II to an Indian charter operator based in Hyderabad.  The aircraft was originally manufactured by Piaggio in 2014 and previously owned by a Belgian corporate company. This Avanti is extremely well equipped and features a number of avionic options including the TCAS II, CVR, FD ...
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