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Oyonnair's Avantis playing a vital role for Covid-19 emergency

Oyonnair and its Piaggio Avantis are playing a vital role in supporting and complementing the  Air Force and other Governement Agencies in COVID-19 relief flights in France.

Four Avanti IIs operated by Oyonnair are unrestfully flying to evacuate COVID-19 patients from the congested hospitals in the major urban areas in France to more remoted regions that have been less affected by the epidemic outbreak.

Oyonnair is operating in strict collaboration with the authorities and military corps managing and coordinating the emergency flights,  to relieve the workload on inner city hospitals, particularly in northeastern France – where a high number of COVID-19 cases are concentrated.

The Avantis can transport two patients and two medical assistants at a time over longer-distance trips and much faster  than helicopters or ambulances.

The Oyonnair's flight crews are operating under extremely stringent preserving sanitary measures. The aircraft undergoes a deep disinfection after each medevac flight to make it ready and safe to host new patients and medical crews. 

A fifth Avanti will join the operations this week. 

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