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Oyonnair continues to expand Avanti II fleet with OrionFLY

Oyonnair and OrionFLY announced today the addition of another Piaggio Avanti II to the Oyonnair's fleet of Italian high performance turboprops which will feature now five Avanti IIs and one Avanti I.

Oyonnair is a European pioneer in using turboprop aircraft for medical transportation, representing 60% of the French market for turboprop medical flights including urgent cargo and medical evacuation.

Since 2015, Oyonnair has based its business model on the Piaggio Aerospace’s flagship Avanti, an aircraft renowned for its superior performance, class-leading fuel economy and outstanding cabin comfort.  

Since coming into service, the proven success of Avanti allowed Oyonnair to increase flights by 50%. In the last year alone, Oyonnair has registered 3,000 hours with a 98% availability rate, the indicator of the highest standards of aircraft reliability and aftermarket performance.  

All Oyonnair Avantis feature a flexible aircraft configuration, allowing shifting between set up for one stretcher and five passengers or two stretchers and three passengers, while the pressurized cabin is optimally sized for a medical team to take care of the patients and to reanimate them in flight.  

The fleet also features specialized medical equipment, such as oxygen supply, an electrical power supply with capacity for incubators or cargo transportation.  

Massimo Isidori, General Manager of OrionFLY, said: “This is the fourth Avanti IIs that OrionFLY has sold to Oyonnair in three years of intense and constructive collaboration.  With a total fleet of six Avantis, Oyonnair is presently the largest Avanti operator in the world and OrionFLY is delighted having been involved in this  outstanding achievement. Oyonnair represents an European excellence in medical transportation and we are extremely proud to have supported Oyonnair in this critical work.”

This aircraft is the nineth P180 Piaggio Avanti transaction successfully closed since OrionFLY started its activities.