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OrionFLY sells its first pre-owned Piaggio Avanti EVO

OrionFLY, Piaggio aircraft sales and acquisition specialist, has enjoyed the successful sale of its first pre-owned Piaggio Avanti EVO to an undisclosed private owner in Latvia. Third generation of P.180 Avanti, the Avanti EVO increases its performance, efficiency and comfort. Capable of flying at a maximum cruise speed of 402 KTS (745 km/h) with a range IFR of 1,520 nm (2,815 km), a climbing rate of 2,770 fpm (844 m/per minute) it can reach a service ceiling of 41,000 feet (12,500 m). As regards the Avanti EVO fuel consumption, it is 40% lower than that of jet planes of the same class and makes it one of the most environmentally friendly aircraft in its market segment. A low-noise power plant, where the turbines are fitted with counter-rotating 5-blades scimitar propellers, permits a 68% reduction of the community noise making the Avanti EVO a better neighbour. This major achievement is bringing up to eight the record of Piaggio Avanti transactions successfully closed by OrionFLY since we started our activities. 

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