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M600 demo-day in Monteprandone completes the European demo-tour

The European M600 demo tour, which began several weeks ago following Aero Friedrichshafen, was successfully completed with a full demonstration day at the Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG)  private airport in Monteprandone - Italy on June 30, 2017.

The event, hosted by OrionFLY and MAG in collaboration with Piper, has far exceeded the expectations, with a qualified attendance and several demonstration flights performed to prospective customers.


During the intense day, the M600 has proven its reliability and efficiency, confirming its outstanding take-off and landing capabilities on short runways.

The clients’ reactions have been enthusiastic for the new Piper's flagship product with a great interest for its performance, economics and operational advantages.

The Piper M600 departed Monterprandone on July 1, inbound Pescara and then Tunisia to continue its tour throughout the continent of Africa during the month of July, with stops in several key countries as it makes its way to South Africa.


About M600

The M600, the most advanced and capable aircraft in Piper’s M-class line up, seats six and is powered by Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A turboprop engine flat rated at 600 SHP. The aircraft has a maximum speed of 274 ktas / 507 km/h at maximum available power. The M600 features the most sophisticated general aviation avionics suite available from Garmin. The Garmin G3000 offers industry-leading intuitiveness and powerful avionics capabilities. Innovative pilot interface design allows for easy and efficient flight deck management, increasing safety margins and reducing pilot workload. Ergonomically crafted for the pilot, control of radios, audio and intercom channels, transponder codes, charts, mapping, flight plan entry and system set up have been greatly simplified with the Garmin GTC 570 touchscreen controller. The dual GTC 570s provide a centralized point of access for the majority of all avionics tuning, selection and data inputs. The M600 has enhanced safety features including Emergency Descent Mode, Electronic Stability Protection, Level Model and Underspeed / Overspeed Protection.


The aesthetics, ergonomics and technologies of the new Piper M600 aircraft redefine comfort and convenience. The M600 interior features newly styled seats, which have been optimized for comfort, as well as enhanced side panels with improved passenger interface. Additionally, three new color palettes have thoughtfully been created with the customer in mind. A comprehensive survey process helped identify the features and attributes that would be most appreciated by both pilots and customers including USB charging ports, executive folding tables, and folding seats.

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